Our Story

Hard Work, Innovation & Reliability

OptimiCDN was founded in 2014 in London (United Kingdom) on a business opportunity to which our team was able to respond to technical, operational and commercial challenges. Having worked for sites with a very high volume of traffic (+ 1Tbps), we have understood that it is imperative to have redundant, optimised, scalable and secure digital properties to offer users an optimal browsing experience whether on mobile or desktop, in Paris, NY, Djakarta or Sao Paulo…

Our initial product, called Managed Multi CDN, that is to say the possibility of having in a single service (technical, support and financial) several CDNs switching from one to another depending on performance, allowed us to deliver Multi CDN content for some of the largest applications and platforms in the world in video games, ecommerce and even video.

Since 2017, we have been offering new solutions that meet the demands of our customers who are always looking for optimisation and digital improvements. Technologies evolve rapidly and we are constantly looking for and listening to new products and partners so that our solutions are up to date.

Optimi is aimed at all companies, from different sectors, concerned with improving their web performance and willing to offer optimal user experience. Our performance and cybersecurity suites are flexible and can be combined according to the needs and requirements of our clients.

The long-term trust our clients place in us is unwavering proof of our commitment, competence and total dedication to serving their interests.

We democratise web performance and cybersecurity to deliver optimal digital experience with unrivaled dedicated support.

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