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Your audience is between 5 and 90 years old and they are captivated by the games you develop. Your games are distributed on mobile or desktop all around the world. Gaming has no boundaries and games can become a worldwide hit overnight! You develop games, add new levels, offer regular updates to move your games to the top of the app store rankings.

Implementing our web performance and security solutions will help you achieve your goals: improving the gaming experience and protecting your digital properties.


of mobile users expect pages to load as fast or faster than they load on the desktop.


It’s no secret that the gaming industry is a sector with gray areas and where network and malicious attacks are common. We know your situation because we have worked for and with great gaming platforms. Our cyber defense products (DDoS, WAF and Rate Limiter) will ensure a stable and secure environment for your infrastructure while gamers are having fun.


Our bespoke solutions and technical optimisations relieve your infrastructure, increase download speed and provide users with real-time gaming experiences. The retention rate and the gaming experience will be significantly improved regardless of the location of the conten delivery. The last mile delivery will make the difference to deliver a smooth, fast and memorable gaming experience.


We offer high performance broadcast quality with the highest network availability on the CDN market thanks to our dynamic Multi CDN. Availability and service performance are two factors to consider if you want to deliver a high quality user experience. In addition, the scalability of our service allows you to never disappoint your gamers, which is not easy in an environment where success can happen so quickly. Optimi offers 100% service availability.

Gaming Solutions


CDN & Smart Image for optimal user experience‚Äč


DDoS, WAF & Rate Limiter for continuous protection

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