Bespoke and dynamic protection

Why cyberdefense matters?

Security threats are numerous and it is crucial to provide safe environments for your visitors as they rely on you to protect and keep their data safe. An important number of attacks happen everyday and the types of attack are evolving with technology. Security is a must have but it is crucial to use the right service and configure it correctly.


current global attacks on digital properties


We offer various complementary cybersecurity tools to protect your digital properties. The objective is to avoid service interruptions caused by toxic traffic (bad bots, scrapping, brut force login attempts …), while allowing legitimate traffic to access your sites or apps without degrading the user experience.


DDoS, WAF, Rate Limiter, Bot manager are part of our cybersecurity suite but not all of these products will necessarily meet your needs and requirements. We can activate the right services to suit your situation to offer tailored protection and optimal performance.


Our cybersecurity suite meets the needs of small IT teams looking for automatic 24/7 protection as well as the needs of customers looking for advanced cybersecurity expertise with ongoing support. Think about protecting your digital properties to reduce your financial liability and the risk of attacks.

Need to protect your digital properties?