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Why optimise your infrastructure?

The server response time to crawlers is one of the key elements in technical SEO and faster responses improve crawl budget. On the other hand, stable infrastructures are rewarded and will be crawled more efficiently. Search engines acknowledge the effectiveness of a website from a technical perspective meaning that your infrastructure must perform.

Combination and control of both factors will lead to success.

Time spent downloading a page by Googlebot


0 ms
you are penalised


0 ms
you are slow


0 ms
you start to perform



You focus on the SEO strategy as well as the keywords to increase the number of visitors to your digital properties to have optimal ranking in the search results. User experience is essential when a user browses a site or an app and recently, UX has been added as a key criteria by search engines.

We provide dashboards with real-time stats to help you monitor and drive your strategies.


Your role is to set up secure, redundant and scalable services and infrastructure to allow users to browse, connect, buy … on all of your company’s digital properties. Your colleagues often have urgent requests that require time and resources from the IT team. Technical SEO allows you to optimise and relieve your infrastructure by improving server response times and providing a smoother UX.

In addition, we collect logs, analyze crawl behavior and display stats in real time so that you can drive your technical SEO.


You use many analysis tools to manage your department. We thought it would be easier for the digital team to have a simplified dashboard to monitor key business metrics and track business performance.

The combination of marketing and technical indicators makes it possible to streamline communication between the teams to obtain concrete results for the company.

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