Published on March 31st, 2020.

Effective as of March 31st, 2020 OptimiCDN Limited (“OptimiCDN”) and its subsidiaries, (collectively, “Optimi”, “we”, or “us”) have adopted this Cookie Policy.


This Policy explains how and when we use cookies on the Optimi Websites.

 Optimi uses Cookies

When you visit the Optimi Websites, information is stored on your device in the form of a “cookie.” Cookies are small files that are stored on your device and save certain settings and data to exchange with our websites via your browser.

Web beacons and other similar files can perform similar functions and we use “cookie” in this Policy to refer to all files that collect information in this manner.

We as well as our marketing partners and analytics or service providers use cookies and other technologies to ensure everyone who uses our websites has the best possible experience.

 How does Optimi use Cookies?

When you first visit our websites, we send one or more necessary cookies to your device. Upon your return to our websites, any necessary cookies and other device cookies enable us to recognize your web browsers. Optimi uses session-based cookies, which last only during one browsing session. A session-based cookie is erased from your device when you close your web browser or turn off your device. Optimi also uses persistent cookies, which remain on your device after you have closed your browser or turned off your device.

Both websites and HTML emails may also contain other tracking technologies such as “web beacons” or “pixels.” These are typically small transparent images that provide us with statistics, for similar purposes as cookies. They are often used in conjunction with cookies, though they are not stored on your computer in the same way. As a result, if you disable cookies, web beacons may still load, but their functionality will be restricted.

Why does Optimi use Cookies?

This is the types of cookies we use on our websites and why we use them.

Category of cookies & why we use these cookies:

• Strictly Necessary

These cookies are essential for websites on our services to perform their basic functions. These include those required to allow registered users to authenticate and perform account related functions.

• Functionality

These cookies are used to store preferences set by users such as account name, language, and location.

• Security

We use these cookies to help identify and prevent potential security risks.

• Analytics and Performance

Performance cookies collect information on how users interact with our websites, including what pages are visited most, as well as other analytical data. We use these details to improve how our websites function and to understand how users interact with them.

• Third-Party

Our websites hosted by Optimi may use different third-party applications and services to enhance the experience of website visitors. These include social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter (through the use of sharing buttons. As a result, cookies may be set by these third parties, and used by them to track your online activity. We have no direct control over the information that is collected by these cookies.

How to Manage and Disable Cookies

If you do not want us to recognize your device, please configure your Internet browser to erase all cookies from your device or to block all cookies. You can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. 

Refer to the following links for information to deactivate cookies in commonly used browsers:

Chrome :


Opera :

Safari :

Edge :

Please note that certain functions of our website may no longer work, or not work correctly, without cookies.

If you have any further questions about our Cookie Policy, please send your questions to abuse [@]