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Why implement
Smart DNS?

Implementing Smart DNS ensures service redundancy and optimised user experience, thanks to our RUM data collection allowing customised DNS and real-time traffic routing in case of network disruptions. Service availability and user experience are our priority.

Smart. Automatic. Dynamic.


Our Real User Measurement TAG collects data from the end user in real time allowing smart and automatic traffic routing. We dynamically chose the best performing CDN in our network at the time of the request and according to the user’s location.


RUM allows customers to have a better knowledge on the state of the internet. Smart DNS goes beyond geo-proximity, using last-mile performance and availability data to reduce page load times, reduce video buffering and improve download speeds.


Our bespoke configurations allow dynamic traffic routing offering optimal user experience for each user. By default, Smart DNS directs traffic based on the performance of a CDN, but it is possible to configure rules based on other criteria such as geography, traffic commitments or business needs. With Smart DNS you will gain in performance, redundancy and availability of your digital properties.

Main Features.

Global Anycast Network

Real Time Load Balancing

100% Uptime SLA

Automatic Failover

Monitoring & Reporting

Easy Configuration

Smart DNS benefits.


Better User Experience


Cost Optimisation

Redundant & Smart

Need for redundancy and real time traffic load balancing?