Dual, Real Time & Secure

Dual WAF: Audit and Live

Layer 7 Scalable Protection

Real-Time Threat Detection

Why implement
a Web Application Firewall?

When hackers find and attack your origin infrastructure directly by IP address, they are trying to bypass our security layers and the role of our dual WAF is to intercept the threat and scrub the traffic meaning that only authorised requests get through so that your websites and apps remain live.

Dual. Smart. Real Time.


We offer a dual WAF that allows continuous analysis of rule changes against production traffic while protecting your digital properties and infrastructure using pre-tested and approved configurations. With Dual WAF, you are always protected.


Dual WAF allows the activation of the alert mode in parallel with the production mode. Our team works with you on the most appropriate security strategy that meets your needs and current threats. Dual WAF is fast to set up and offers multiple security configurations.


Users browse your digital properties and trust you to secure their personal information. Captchas and misconfigured tools will negatively affect user experience, which is why implementing the right services and the right strategy is important to provide both performance and security. Customised protection will guarantee the availability of your activity and continuity of your income.

Main Features.

Real Time Traffic Analysis

Global Anycast Network

Granular Policy Control

Fast Configuration Updates

API Programmability

Comprehensive Security Rules

Dual WAF benefits.

Always Protected

Secure Environment

Real Time Analysis

Full Control

Audit & Live Protection

Need for real time WAF protection?