Expertise for optimal results

A dedicated team

Our team of experts will support you and your teams to refine, update and optimise your digital properties so that you can always benefit from the best possible services and configurations. We offer three levels of support in order to meet our customer needs. Standard mode meets basic setup needs, professional mode meets advanced configuration setup needs while expert mode allows you to meet professionals specializing in a particular area such as cybersecurity, video, SEO…

We analyse your digital properties to provide tailor-made solutions and achieve concrete results.

3 Levels of Support

Standard Support

Our standard support is suitable for customers with basic configuration needs allowing rapid implementation of our solutions. Our team works with you at each step of your project from staging to the production of your digital properties in order to offer optimal user experience.

Advanced Support

Our advanced support is required for customers that have complex needs on advanced configurations of our solutions such as advanced caching policies, the implementation of tailor-made tools (reporting) or to discuss their projects roadmap to decide which strategy should be used. Our team has solid expertise in complex configurations in the following sectors: Ecommerce, Media, Brands, Ad Tech, Video Gaming, Video, App… both on web performance and cybersecurity.

Expert Support

Our expert support is offered to clients who need advice on demand or on site regarding specific and complex topics. We work with many experts around the world who have the skills and experience to find solutions to your current and future needs. We love technical challenges and this mode allows for personalized recommendations.

Dedicated Support