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Why implement
a Multi CDN strategy?

Delivering content all around the world is not easy and adopting a Multi CDN strategy allows companies to deliver a harmonized and optimized user experience to all users. Websites and mobile applications that generate a lot of traffic or have traffic spread across different regions gain in service availability and display performance.

Managed. Custom. Smart.


There are over 50,000 ISPs around the world and it is important to know that no CDN can negotiate and contract with all existing ISPs. CDN performance varies by region, network size, technology used, and we dynamically and intelligently deliver traffic using Smart DNS.

Our Multi CDN offers the best network performance and availability, guaranteeing 100% uptime.


We have been operating numerous CDNs for the past 8 years and have a strong knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the main suppliers in the market. With your teams, we set up innovative and tailor-made web performance strategies that meet your needs. Our Multi CDN is configured to deliver your digital properties through the most efficient CDN in real time, thanks to our smart dynamic routing engine.


Setting up Multi CDN is expensive and complicated because you have to identify the suppliers, ensure that you have selected the correct CDNs and then negotiate with each before implementing everything. In addition, using all services together is complex and troubleshooting any issues will take time for the IT team. We simplify the Multi CDN so that you have a single point of contact for: support, administration and invoicing.

Main Features.

Real Time Statistics

RAW Access Logs

Fast Purge

Device Detection


Advanced Caching Policy


Brotli, Gzip

HTTP Live Streaming

Origin Shielding



Multi CDN benefits.

Improved Caching

Better User Experience

DDoS Protection

Instant Scalability

Service Redundancy

Need for the best optimised delivery?