Improved ad displays for increased revenues

Priority to Publishers
& End Users

You are working with global publishers and advertisers, leading numerous online and mobile campaigns at the same time and displaying thousands of ads every second on websites with global audience. Your ads must display prior any content regardless the format to generate more action from end-users as they are directly linked to your delivery performances.

The implementation of our web performance and security solutions will help to meet your objectives: increase impressions and protect your digital properties.


of Ad traffic is considered as fraudulent


Your customers work hard to deliver a great user experience, and any delay in your ad display has an immediate impact on their quality of service. The end user is impatient and always expects a smooth and fast browsing experience. If your ads are not showing, you break the UX and lose revenue.


Ads such as banners, pre-roll videos or playables must always be displayed in order to generate a click or an action from the end user, whether on mobile or desktop anywhere in the world. Our web performance solutions allow permanent global availability and your customers will thank you for the performance of your advertising service.


The ad network industry is complex and involves connecting to many third parties that offer APIs and other integrations. These connections create weaknesses and the possibility for fraudsters to find entry points and hack your services. It is important to protect yourself and take into account these new threats to reduce the risk of attacks.

Ad Tech Solutions


CDN, Smart Image and Smart DNS for optimal user experience


Default DDoS Protection, WAF & Rate Limiter for continuous protection

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