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Your video catalog is growing, your subscriber base is growing rapidly, and your infrastructure begins to suffer during peak hours or when you launch new episodes. The majority of your subscribers watch new episodes of their favorite TV series or replay their TV shows on their tablets, mobiles, Chromecast or Apple TV. This ultra-rapid growth in online viewing leads to frequent network instabilities, which leads to degraded user experiences whether on live or replay, up to the crash of video services. Implementing our web performance and security solutions will help you achieve your goals: relieving your infrastructure, protecting your digital properties while delivering smooth, high-quality videos.


of global mobile traffic consists of video content


Video broadcasting offers new constraints because subscribers are spread around the world and consume more and more bandwidth on mobile, desktop or boxes (Chromecast, Apple TV…). Prioritizing network size over response times is important for delivering a high quality user experience around the world. Our large network capacity (over 300Tbps) allows fast, reliable and secure content delivery.


Smart Routing allows dynamic, secure and real-time content delivery based on CDN performances. The automation of our solution allows us to guarantee 100% service availability for an optimal video experience. Keep control over the quality of your service.


Your success is unpredictable and your infrastructure costs can go to the roof, hence the need to budget ahead. We offer bespoke and simple solutions, allowing you to control your costs while offering a quality of service to all your users. Do not arbitrate on the price but on the quality of your service. We have the right solution and price for you.

Video Solutions


CDN, Smart Image and Smart DNS for optimal user experience


DDoS, WAF & Rate Limiter for continuous protection

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