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Against Brute Force Login Attempts

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API Endpoint Protection

Why implement
a Rate Limiter?

APIs can put your services and your business at risk, so don’t underestimate the risks. In general, developers don’t focus on security but on innovation and optimisation. Without realising it, developers create vulnerabilities for hackers, and the Rate Limiter protects you.

Smart. Automatic. Dynamic.


The number of attacks targeting APIs and their unique vulnerabilities is increasing daily and they are becoming more complex, making them harder to detect becoming a new threat to any business. Our rate limiter automatically detects and intercepts malicious behavior.


The rate limiter determines the legitimacy of API calls to eliminate attacks before they reach your digital properties. Only authorised traffic will go trough and our rate limiter is designed to work with authenticated and unauthenticated API calls.


The rate limiter offers the possibility of defining responses, defining thresholds and reinforcing security based on request rates. It gives you better control over your traffic (HTTP / HTTPS), which means you fine-tune your configurations according to your needs and requirements.

Main Features.

Real Time Traffic Analysis

In Depth Reporting & Analytics

Brute Force Protection

Cost Savings

API Protection

Easy Management

Rate Limiter benefits.

Live Filtering

Secure Environment

Real Time Analysis

Full Control

Smart Security

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