Increased downloads for improved revenues

Priority to your Audience

Apple or Google stores can feature your application at any time, your success can come from a blog, influencers or a marketing campaign hence the need to be ready to absorb traffic spikes instantly to take advantage of these new potential customers. You work hard to increase your customer base, provide a high quality service and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Mobile users don’t wait so be ready to scale at anytime as a degraded user experience will impact your work and reputation.

You only have a few days to convince new users to engage with your service and a few weeks to retain them.


of mobile users quit an app if it doesn't load within 5 seconds


The world of applications requires development for iOS and Android while maintaining secure, reliable and efficient services. The frequency of updates has accelerated and you post fixes, improvements, or changes several times a week increasing the number of Q&A and the likelihood of creating a security hole or adding entry points. There are more risks than you think.


The mobile market is not easy to address because users are on the move and expect a browsing experience as good as on desktop. We help you optimize every kilobyte of your digital properties and ensure that you respect the “best practices” of the market. Our web performance and security solutions deliver speed, automation, redundancy and protection so you can focus on your priorities: the content and service of your application.


Your users are on the go and expect to benefit from your services in any situation, anytime. We configure our products and solutions according to the development of your application, ensuring a mobile user experience even in the most complicated regions. Optimi provides answers and concrete results with immediate gains for unparalleled service availability.

App Solutions


CDN, Multi CDN & DNS for enhanced User Experience & web performance


DDoS as a standard, WAF & Rate Limiter for optimal protection

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